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Bill Niemi, Engineer, Instructor, 2010 MidAmerica Music Hall of Fame Inductee

Here’s a brief description of my experience as a music instructor,  professional musician, composer, recording engineer, and producer.

Bill Niemi, Music Instructor and Recording Engineer at Euphonic Studio

Bill Niemi, Music Instructor and Recording Engineer at Euphonic Studio

So far I have had 3 careers, sometimes running concurrently. I began my study of music at age 5 with piano and at 9 I started violin. Both of my parents were music teachers; my dad taught the string program at the public schools in International Falls, MN, and my mom taught private piano lessons, sometimes up to 60 students per week.

During my high school years I began playing in bands and I taught myself guitar and bass. I also studied horns so I could play in the marching and pep bands. I played french horn in the concert band and trumpet in the pep band. My first combo was a band that played about 55 covers of Tijuana Brass songs and had no vocalist. After that band broke up things got much heavier and I was playing guitar in guitar/bass/drums trios that did a lot of covers of music of the day, Hendrix, Cream, Steppenwolf, Grand Funk Railroad, and many more.

College Days

I went away to college and played bass in a heavy jam band while studying theory and being concertmaster of my college orchestra. I was dissatisfied with collegiate life; it was the times.  The Viet Nam era.   I decided that college was kind of irrelevant and decided to try for a performance career.  It took a while to get started, with some memorable failures,  but I finally got my feet on the ground in Minneapolis in 1976 with a very popular band called Double Nickels.

I played full time as a professional musician in a major market (Twin Cities) for 12 years, chalking up about 15,000 hours on stage and of course lots of odd  pickup gigs.  I’ve played all styles of pop music from the 1930s through the 60s and 80s. As an entertainer, I have played for tables and chairs in an empty night club and also have brought a crowd of 18,000 people to their feet with my version of “Orange Blossom Special”. And everywhere in between.

Your instructor playing his '68 Tele somewhere in northwestern Ontario in about 1971.

Your instructor playing his ’68 Tele somewhere in northwestern Ontario in about 1971.

Music Career

Here are some of the high points of my teaching, performance, and music career:

  • I began study of music in 1956 on piano and began teaching piano and violin in 1961
  • While in high school, I enjoyed a variety of bands and ensembles.   I  played violin, piano, guitar, trumpet, french horn, bass guitar, sousaphone, etc in orchestra, band, string quartet, pep bands, rock bands, stage bands
  • My group Double Nickels rose to the top of the Minneapolis country music night club scene in 1976.   We were inducted into the Mid-America Hall of Fame in 2010
  • My band Pony Express played in Europe for 3 months in 1981, playing gigs at American and Canadian airbases, the US Embassy in Bonn, and hotels and clubs in Oslo, Norway
  • My bands did warm-up spots for numerous touring national act concerts that came through the Twin Cities
  • Euphonic Studio in cooperation with The Firehouse Band arranged a charity music festival for African drought relief that included 18 bands and acts from the Minneapolis area. I convinced everyone to donate their time.

So, to summarize….

I  truly enjoy working with my students to help them develop and improve their musical skills. I enjoy teaching immensely and you will find that I am truly dedicated to helping you learn to play.  I strive to create lessons that are useful, enjoyable, and hopefully inspirational.

If you have managed to read this far, perhaps now is the time for you to call 319.895.8002 to check on available lesson times and arrange for your free evaluation lesson.  Thanks!

Bill Niemi

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