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Guitar Lessons at Euphonic Studio

Guitar technique and music theory to get you started playing fast

Your instructor playing his '68 Tele somewhere in northwestern Ontario in about 1971.

Your instructor playing his ’68 Tele somewhere in northwestern Ontario in about 1971.

I began playing guitar in the mid 1960s. Through the years I have taught myself a lot by learning the licks from records, watching other guitarists play, and studying and practice using many different methods and approaches. I played guitar on stage for 12 years, 5-7 nights a week, along with violin and piano, and therefore have many thousands of hours of playing time.

When I first started taking guitar students in the 70s, I had an informal approach that was similar to the way I learned. Students would bring in songs that they wanted to play and I would teach them to play the song to the best of their ability. I had many guitar students who did well this way.

Today I have expanded my studio to teach all levels and I have formalized my approach to your lessons. I teach from a variety of books based on your interests and skill level. Guitar teaching materials have become well developed over the years and there are great methods books and supplemental specialty books. I will consider teaching you to play specific songs you bring in if it is a logical fit in your lesson plan and lies within your grasp at your level.

Euphonic Studio guitar lessons are fun!

Since the 50s, guitar has pretty much ruled the pop music scene. With the advent of the electric guitar, it’s hard to name any pop artist or group that hasn’t recorded with a prominent guitar track on at least some of their material.

Guitar lessons are fun! At Euphonic we will teach you how to play multiple styles of music on acoustic or electric instruments

Guitar lessons are fun! At Euphonic we will teach you how to play multiple styles of music on acoustic or electric instruments

Guitar is deceptively simple because you can learn a lot about it in a few guitar lessons. It’s fairly easy to learn a few chords and strum along with folk, country, and other pop styles. However, to break through that plateau to higher levels of playing requires just as much hard work as other instruments. The playing technique you build must be supported by a thorough understanding of what you’re doing. Euphonic Studio guitar lessons are designed to provide you with the direction you need to achieve your goals.

Music theory, particularly how scales, modes, altered chords, and inversions of chords work, is critical to the guitarist to widen their repertoire. This helps you break out of first position into some degree of freedom on the full length of the fingerboard. We integrate music theory topics into our guitar lessons as they present themselves right from the first lesson.


Euphonic Studio Guitar Lessons

We will take students of all experience levels from beginner through advanced. We will help you to build foundation guitar technique for right and left hand, both finger style and flat picking.  We can teach you music theory so that you can understand what you’re playing and hopefully learn to hear it, too. You’ll learn your way around the neck using several different forms of bar chords, scales, and arpeggios.  We have a terrific workbook on learning the guitar neck.  We will explore how to play a rhythm part in different types of grooves and styles.

Beginner Students

If you are a beginner, in most cases we will start you out reading music in standard notation because it’s fundamental to a well-rounded music education. Also, if you want to learn how to work from “lead sheets”, scale books, and some of the other material I would like to present, you’ll need to know how to read music.

This is something that we can discuss as an ongoing topic in your lessons. What I want to do is give you the best value for your money, which means tailoring your guitar lessons to meet your personal goals.

Intermediate/advanced Students

We have been fortunate to have attracted some very fine musicians to the teaching studio. We use speciality books from several publishers to develop guitar technique. We also have a courses in jazz guitar, blues guitar, and music theory for guitar.


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